Shingle Damage Test from Haag Engineering

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Using the Shingle Damage Test some insurance companies don’t want to pay the homeowners

Haag, from Haag Engineering, is the standard for some insurance companies (Farmers, Travelers, and American “not buying it no matter what” Family are some). It is often used as an excuse not to buy a roof. They basically require shingle damage so that the matt is actually exposed. It ignores the fact that bruising will accelerate this damage they are looking for.

Asphalt granular shingle loss is generally calculated at 3% a year. Big bruises to shingles from hail may not crack the shingle or produce exposure all the way to the matt- at least not now. However, there is no doubt such damage can accelerate this process by 15-40%. Insurance companies are in business to pay fewer claims than they collect in premiums. You draw your own conclusion.
To be fair below is a pretty neat demonstration from Haag. However, also to be fair to the consumer there is no reference, indication, or statement to the effect from any insurance company that can be found on any of their websites, or actual insurance policies that they use this Haag standard to evaluate, determine, and in most cases avoid paying hail damage claims.

If any insurance company or adjuster from such a company can offer such proof in writing that is openly available to their consumers and published on a consumer’s policy or made public on their consumer targeted website, U.S. Restorations will retract the above statement with regards to said insurance company and post it on its/this website.

We commend Haag for making this shingle damage test and many of their practices and analyses available to the general public on


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