Illinois & Wisconsin roof repair


Roof Repairs

U.S. Restorations can help you with any type of roof repair which may be required after extreme weather. Our team will start inspecting the roof after the critical weather has stopped and will check if there is suspect damage to the roofing structure. Depending on the roof condition our professional roofing contractor team will offer you free insurance claim assistance and will start the necessary roofing repairs. We proud ourselves to have a long and proven experience in a variety of roof repair projects in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. U.S. Restorations has received numerous roof repair references for its emergency hail damage repair services provided  especially throught Aurora, Des Plaines, Morton Grove or Park Ridge.


Roof Installation and Re-Roofing

Roofing or re-roofing your home or commercial property is an important investment. We provide fast and trustworthy residential or commercial roofing installation, re-roofing and repair service to homeowners or companies throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Our team of technicians are trained and experienced to diagnose and repair even the most difficult roofing problems.


Leak Repairs

One of the worst examples of damage is flooding caused by a roof leak. A roof leak can rapidly affect a home in just a few minutes. Although roof leaks are dangerous, most of them can be efficiently fixed with minimal price and in a short period of time. A large numbers of householders tolerate their roof leak to continue causing considerable damage to the roof, ceiling, as well as generating a health risks due to the fact that a leaky roof can spawn mold and mildew. By stopping and fixing a leak as soon as possible, you can avoid much more damage and save time and money.


Shingle Roof Repair & Replacement

As long as a home’s shingles are the exposed portion of the roofing system, it is highly important that they are in best condition. U.S. Restorations can rapidly change any cracked, curled-up, broken or missing shingles. If you don’t, rain water could drain under the sheathing and leak into house sidewalls or ceiling. The best way is to prevent this kind of problems by contacting us to examine the roof up close. We’ll particularly check the roof ridge and valleys for cracked shingles and the bottom and side rows for curled back or broken shingles


Rubber Roof Repair & Replacement

Rubber roofing shingles are a relatively new technology that uses recycled materials and creates shingles that look like more traditional shingle type. They are also top-notch for withstanding pests, durable to breaking or cracking, fire resistant, providing waterproofing benefits for roofs, as well as supplying good insulation for the house. Rubber roof shakes are recognized for being more environmentally friendly and easier to install.


Flat Roof Repair & Replacement

A flat roof is a model of shelter of a house or commercial building. Opposite to the sloped shape of a roof, a flat roof is horizontal or almost horizontal. Materials that cover flat roofs have to permit the water to drain off easily from a very slight inclination. U.S Restorations roofing company it’s able to come out and inspect a possible damage, you’ll get a free roof repair estimate as to the amount of work and costs involved with the job. You can be sure you’ll have a roof repair or replacement that’s professionally executed.


Asphalt Roof Repair & Replacement

Asphalt roof shingles are the most generic category of shingles in the United States. Asphalt roofs are well known at dealing with a variety of climates and an affordable roof material. They are difficult to install, that’s why you must choose a professional shingle contractor for an asphalt roof installation, repair or replacement. Hail damage to asphalt shingles may involve severe granule loss, material loss at shingle borders and perforation. Wind can also cause major roof damage. U.S. Restorations offers asphalt shingles to resist the effects of extreme weather such as wind and impact from flying debris or hail.


Design and Consulting

Our reliable sales team we’ll offer you a free roofing price quote so you can be sure that are choosing the right roofer for your house and your budget. It is important to remember that for each roofing material, there are various grades and corresponding costs. There also are a variety of roof styles and shapes to choose from. We offer free roof repair consulting services for the full product range so you can make th best choice based on your budget and needs.



Fiberglass roofing is recognized to deliver a greater waterproofing seal. Homeowners who need a new roof that is in the same time durable and affordable may want to find out more details about the fiberglass roofing. Being lightweight enough to be used on any home it also comes with a plethora of styles to suit any architectural design or homeowners necessities. Fiberglass roofing shingles are inexpensive to install, have low maintenance requirements and a strength rated up winds of 110 mph.


Skylights & Ridge vent

U.S. Restorations can replace or install quality skylights from the best producers. We recommend installing skylight windows in your home to bring additional lighting into a room or to improve the view. There are a variety of residential skylight styles among which: fixed skylights, venting skylights, dome skylights and solar tube skylights. We also recommend installing ridge vents knowing that a well-ventilated attic can help achieve a maximum roof protection but it also helps prevent rotting, mildew, drywall damage, peeling paint and warped siding.


Ice and Water Barrier

Ice dams are a generally known problem that homeowners encounter during winter. An ice dam is ice that forms at the transition from a warm surface to a cold surface, such as along the overhang of a house.The build-up of ice is the effect of ice or snow melting on the roof area over the warmer, living area of a building and then refreezing when it drains and reaches the cold overhang. This wall of ice at the gutter line traps melting snow and ice further up the roof slope and can force it to back up underneath the shingles. A properly designed and installed roof system reduces the possibility of damage resulting from ice damming. It’s always better to prevent a roofing replacement or a roof repair especially during winter.