5 Hail Damage examples

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Hail Damage to your roof is not always that obvious and is often subjective.

Sometimes you can’t see the hail damage on your roof with the naked eye. Roof repair may be necessary now so that you don’t have severe damage in the future.

Hail damage effect known as spidering. No clear definition of a bruise

Spidering hail damage effect

Spidering hail damage effect

Hail Damaged Shingle
Hail Damaged Shingle

Hail damaged shingle effect

Shingle keyway damaged by hail
Damaged shingle keyway

Damaged shingle keyway effect

Hail that hit the “keyway” causing damage on two tabs
Hail damaged tabs

Hail damaged tabs effect

The perfect hail hit
Perfect hail hit

Hailstone damage effect

Most homeowners never claim hail damage to their roof. Most of the time they don’t notice the hail damage to their roof because most people don’t walk around on their roof. Hail damage to your roof is not as obvious as to your car. This is why it is twice as important to have a good roofing contractor on your roof with your insurance adjuster while he or she is looking for hail damage.


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